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bravenewworldrp's Journal

Brave New World Roleplay Community
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All Members , Moderated

The Bennet Crew is a private, invite-only RP community that takes place in a world crossed between the TV shows Heroes and Supernatural. It uses the Volume 5 finale of Heroes as a jumping block to lead into a Marvel Civil War-esque world going through an Apocalypse of epic proportions courtesy of Sam and Dean Winchester.

In this community, members can post third person logs, open or closed, and first person "commentspam" posts that take place in our continuity, OOC information that would be of interest to members, memes, and round-ups of additional canon to our story, such as journal-based logs and fics.

This journal will contain spoilers for current seasons of Supernatural and Heroes. You've been warned.

Note: The membership of this community is comprised of muns and characters who have spent a lot of time interacting, and are dedicated to keeping some coherent sense of storyline, as well as integrating each other's universes into one another as seamlessly as possible. As of recently, and for this reason, we've closed membership for new players. All invitations must be cleared with the mods prior to permitting new members into the verse, however, you are still welcome to follow our story.

For those interested or for those still confused, our FAQ can be found here.

If you have any further questions, you can contact a mod at any time here.