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Brave New World Roleplay Community
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02.09.11(no subject)
not having this conversation
 [Kate's out in the middle of nowhere, without a map, and this blows. Also her cell's dead. Which also blows. And the van's broken down.]

Hey Boss? [Talking into a payphone, the line crackles]


[The line goes dead]

Gangsta prince
[It hadn't been in the news, but Sentinels were kidnapping mutants all over the country, bringing them to centers. Friends and family disappearing with out a notice. People don't seem to care, they don't seem bothered that these giant metal robots are dropping out of the sky and stealing people away from their homes to never be seen again. The X-men can only do so much and mutant kind, people who are different are on the run for their own safety.

Where's the justice in that? Where's the United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave?

So there he was, Hellion, Julian Keller known to the normal world. He stood in front of the glass window of an electronic shop, blue eyes watching the screens of the television as they broadcast the newest missing persons list. He watched the names and faces of people he knew flash by, and all that could be seen was a frown beneath the hood of his red and blue Quicksliver sweatshirt he wore.

Where the hell was the justice in this? Hiding like animals in order to survive? What the heck was he doing here? The telekinetic sighed, tearing his eyes away from the screen as he looked over the street filled with people.

People were so blissfully unaware.]

.... lucky bastards.

ooc: Wanted to bring him in to the verse, let me know if I needa change anything! ♥

This is in anywhere, USA cause i wanna get Julian exposed.
12.15.10(no subject)
Hey, hey.

[Yeah, he's talking to you.]

You wanna see some magic?
12.15.10(no subject)
Well, she's not happy about it but ... looks like Mom can deal. Guess it's time to work on a plan, huh?

[ooc; PETER IS PREPARING TO GET GROUP-CAPTURED WITH ADAM BY THE SENTINELS. He will be treating threads in this post like they are ... his ~last conversation~ because that runs the risk of ... being killed by them. Herpaderp. Also Chris you better bring Adam in gdi.]
left here

Sit down and process this information. Several tall, green things with sharp teeth and long claws are running rampant in the city, you may see them, they've already chowed down on a few of the locals, and caused a ruckus today. 

But you know what? That's what Torchwood is here for. They're like the Men in Black, only prettier and sadly, without Will Smith. But, never fear.] 

I'm so glad I wore my running shoes today. Any sign? 

[Ianto slows to a jog and checks the tranq again.]
11.27.10(no subject)
[Claire is sulking wherever you are, cell phone in hand. She's busy staring sadly at the picture of a dark haired Zebra that she took, and wondering what to do. Life is really hard all over again. At least she knows her sis... her other self is alive now, that's at least something she can stop worrying about.]

If it's not one thing, it's always another.
| noah | killing in the name of
[Angela is not pleased.  It's been a long hard year as the government's begun bearing down, infiltrating their presence deeper and deeper into the Company.  Everything is monitored.  Every order is doublechecked by their bureaucrats.  Her instincts might tell her to flee the situation, cut her own ties to it, but it would sever her ability to know what was going on from the inside.  To keep some kind of tabs on the situation.

She is, effectively, trapped by the very Company she helped to create.

It's not a feeling she can stand for much longer.]

This has to end.  
11.27.10(no subject)
what are you even
It's funny. You think you know someone, and they go and turn into a leather-clad Mistress of Pain.

At least this one didn't break my wrist in three places. Thank god for the small favors, right?
| did paris really just die?
[Hey, guess what, a whole year's passed in Smallville, which is going to magically bring us to ... s8.  Go with it.]

Working with Smallville.    This'll be an adventure.

At least Chloe's home and okay.  She can really stop giving me pseudo-heart-attacks with the vanishing acts any day now.
[ Claire's on a hunt in a small town -- anywhere that's convenient, really, bc SWS has bendy time and space which means so does BNW. Well, hunting is a relative term. It's dark and late as hell, but this point, she's not hunting as much as running -- fast.

And whoever it is you are, she's running into you and looking suddenly rushed and awkward. It unfortunately also draws attention to the fact that she was sprinting with gun in hand ...

What are you doing just standing there? You need to move -- run, you idiot!

[ Hunting werewolves is hard, and she's not exactly the best hunter. It's kind of been learn as you go since Jo bailed, and the learning curve has been low. ]
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